[vbox-dev] Mac host, Win guest: Alt+H and Alt+Q lost in VB 3.1.2

Jeremy Druker jsd_vboxdevel at bvac.co.za
Tue Jan 12 10:19:00 PST 2010

As of VB 3.1.2, I cannot enter Alt+H and Alt+Q keystrokes
into a Windows VM on a Mac host.

In my configuration, the Mac Cmd key is mapped to Alt in the Windows guest,
so the keystroke Cmd-H would normally be seen by the Windows guest as an
Alt+H key sequence, and this was the case prior to VB 3.1.2.  In 3.1.2 those
keystrokes never reach the guest, even with keyboard capture active.

This is caused by the fix to bug #5684 ("FE/Qt4-OSX: Reenable CMD+Key
combinations, even if the Host-Key isn't CMD") in change set 25211 at

I see two problems with that bug fix:
  * the default shortcuts for Hide (Cmd-H) and Quit (Cmd-Q) are hard coded
  * those keystrokes are not sent to guest even if keyboard capture is active

Full details and a suggested patch are at

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