[vbox-dev] Snapshot/PowerDown issues

Steve Taylor steve.taylor at securecommand.com
Fri Jan 8 14:16:04 PST 2010

Hey guys,

Just wanted to inform you that I've been having issues in v3.1.2 taking 
a snapshot when the VM is running.  Whenever I restore to the snapshot 
and power on the VM, the VM immediately reboots.  When I pause the VM 
just before taking the snapshot, everything works as usual.  Can someone 
explain to me the difference between a live snapshot (running) and an 
online snapshot (paused), or is this unexpected behavior.

Also, I have a question about a bug that's been around for a long time.  
When I execute the commands in multiple iterations:


I get a bug where the powerdown will cause virtualbox to crash (usually 
after the 3rd or 4th iteration) and an exception is caught that the RPC 
service is unavailable.  I've had to resort to finding the 
VirtualBox.exe and terminating the process to get around the PowerDown 
problem.  Any thoughts?



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