[vbox-dev] Presentation; Alt-OS devroom at FOSDEM

François Revol revol at free.fr
Mon Jan 4 07:50:38 PST 2010

just registered to the list...
I recently got a Mac and had to virtualize my old laptop and tried 
VirtualBox which doesn't work too bad, considering I've yet to write 
guest additions for BeOS (ZETA actually) and Haiku.

I'm a Haiku developer, and though I usually use QEMU to debug Haiku, I 
know some of our devs use vbox.

I'm still trying to build vbox though, seems I have an issue with 64/
32bit libs in OSX... (and I had to downgrade to 3.0.12 due to DHCP 

Anyway, I'd like to take the opportunity to invite those of you who 
develop "alternative" FOSS OSes (basically !linux) and who use vbox to 
debug it to talk about it at the Alt-OS devroom (at FOSDEM, brussels, 
7th feb.):


We also welcome speaches about OS design, driver, application porting 
and other topics of interest, specially about possible interoperability 
with other OSes.


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