[vbox-dev] Using HGCM

Nev vbox at zavalon.com
Sun Feb 28 13:56:11 PST 2010

Hi All,
I hope this is the correct place to ask these question.
I have been unable to get past the HGCM_CONNECT call.

If I replace my service name "TestVboxHgcm" with "VboxSharedClipboard",
and change then type from 
VMMDevHGCMLoc_LocalHost to VMMDevHGCMLoc_LocalHost_Existing

I can get a successful connect.
eg info.result == VINF_SUCCESS
but when I use "TestVboxHgcm" info.result is set to -2900 (0xFFFFF4ac)

The call to DeviceIoControl returns true and the return buffer size is
0x8c in both the failed call and the working call to the

My Host OS is Ubuntu 9.10, the Guest is XP, 
VBox version 3.1.4-r57640_Ubuntu_karmic.

What is the relationship between the service name and the Linux file
name. eg For service "TestVboxHgcm" is the required file name
"libTestVboxHgcm.so" or "TestVboxHgcm.so" or something else ?

I have tried both of the above.

Where does this file need to be installed: /usr/lib
or /usr/lib/virtualbox or just on the LD_LIBRARY_PATH ?

I have tried all 3.

I have verified, using readelf, that the Linux service library has the
entry :
55: 00000550    76 FUNC    GLOBAL DEFAULT   12 VBoxHGCMSvcLoad

Any help will be greatly appreciated 

Kind regards,


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