[vbox-dev] Clutter mutiple stage problem in vbox

Leonid leonid.lobachev at sun.com
Wed Feb 24 02:40:05 PST 2010

Tian, Jun J <jun.j.tian at ...> writes:

> According to the source code of GL implementaion in virtualbox. It seems that 
each GL context only
> including one drawable(which represented by WindowInfo in vbox) and can 
process only one WindowInfo by
> Chromium SPU. But clutter program with multiple stage have two GL drawable
(each stage is a drawable)
> binding to a single GL context. It means rebinding context to another window 
and causes assert fail in
> MakeCurrent. However, I have tried to process one stage by SPU and other 
stages by native, but it makes
> segment fault in vbox. 
> Whether vbox can process multiple GL drawable in one GL context? 

The issue you've mentioned is already fixed, see http://www.virtualbox.org/

Just checked the source you've provided and it doesn't assert, although exactly 
like in the ticket above I could only see 3 white windows not sure if it's 
expected output or not.


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