[vbox-dev] Translating different types of memory addresses in virtual box

mgofman1 at binghamton.edu mgofman1 at binghamton.edu
Fri Feb 12 20:46:46 PST 2010


I have a question regarding how to translate between different types of memory addresses in VirtualBox. I am looking for ways to translate from:

* Guest Virtual Address ---> Guest Physical Address

* Guest Physical ---> Guest Virtual

* Guest Virtual ---> Host Physical

* Guest Physical ---> Host Physical

I looked through the VirtualBox code, and its is not completely clear to me. If you could provide examples and function names to use, it would be great. Your advice is much appreciated.

P.S. When I run a Linux guest system and translate some guest virtual addresses to guest physical addresses inside the guest, I sometimes get physical address which exceeds the maximum amount of VM memory -- could this be due to the fact that what I am really seeing is host physical address and not guest physical?

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