[vbox-dev] Question about VirtualBox - FreeBSD

Mark Huizer xaa+virtualbox at dohd.org
Thu Feb 11 05:51:32 PST 2010

>> I just had a chat with the people maintaining the FreeBSD ports for
>> VirtualBox, which we are also running on a few machines (currently 2). His
>> remark was that he talked with 'virtualbox devs', and there was the remark
>> that virtualbox could be made available if there were people requesting it.
>> Since I guess that there might be more people interested, but at least I am
>> :-), I was wondering about the status of a native FreeBSD version of
>> VirtualBox. My main reason would be a decent kind of access to VM's, since
>> now itmeans I have to install X on a headless box. The VNC addition doesn't
>> seem to be included in a FreeBSD anytime soon, so time to look for the
>> alternative.
>> So... in short... are there possibilities? And if so, what are they?
>> I currently have a box here that I'm working on to get installed for
>> replacing another box, so I have some testing facilities. It's FreeBSD
>> 8-Stable.
> What do you exactly mean by 'virtualbox for FreeBSD could be made
> available'? AFAIK, VirtualBox taken from our public SVN repository
> should compile and work on FreeBSD ...

Sorry, I was hoping to be more clear.

Lemme rephrase that. We are currently running VirtualBox from the FreeBSD ports tree. Which is not comfortable on a server, since we have to install X to be able to install VM's. The alternative (create them elsewhere and upload them) is available, but not my favorite.

So... that would leave us with the option of getting licenses so we can use VRDP. But there is no version available for FreeBSD. (And I guess compiling and running that from SVN is not an option :-) ).

The question is... will there be downloads for FreeBSD? (not sure if that would be the PUEL versions mentioned on the Downloadsection of the website). And if not, I'd like to mention my interest for a FreeBSD version, so perhaps in a while there might be enough interest to make it more interesting.

Hopefully that's more to the point,if not.. I'll get more coffee


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