[vbox-dev] USB Problem using Virtual box(XP)

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Wed Feb 10 02:17:08 PST 2010

Erich Guillen wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to seek help on how I can resolve the problem I have when 
> using virtual box.
> The current version of the virtual box I'm using is 3.1.2 r56127. I 
> installed window XP.
> My main OS is linux Ubuntu 9.10.
> I'm having problem activating my USB port when I am running my virtual 
> box XP. The USB list are deactivated, so when i insert an external hard 
> disk for example, it is not accessible in my XP running under virtual box.
> I was hoping if you can help me resolve this issue, since there are 
> areas where i need to use USB port when I use XP in Virtual box.

This doesn't sound at all like a development question, so this went to 
the wrong list. Use vbox-users instead next time.

Anyway, normally it's enough to follow the install instructions in the 
manual, especially don't forget to add yourself to the vboxusers group. 
Certain devices get different groups assigned by Ubuntu, if you're 
unsure which ones, check the device permissions in the directories below 


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