[vbox-dev] How to powerup a vm and how to delete a messed vm?

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Tue Feb 9 02:42:38 PST 2010

DavidW wrote:
> I use webservice to create a vm, at the end, I use IConsole_powerUp to 
> boot it up, it seems I did it wrong, since the status of the vm is 
> “starting” now and I cannot delete it. So my question is

This is _very_ wrong. What you attempted is forcibly powering up the VM 
_in_ vboxwebsrv (as that's the proxy which translates webservice request 
to actual API calls). You apparently didn't read the big "Note" in the 
IConsole::powerUp API description.

> 1, how to start a vm after you create it with webservice.

As stated in that note, use IVirtualBox::openRemoteSession.

> 2, vm like the one I have with status “starting”, how do I delete it or 
> reset it?

You probably should restart the webservice. That will clean up this 
weird state which will never happen if the API is used properly.


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