[vbox-dev] Definition of MediumVariant

Ulrich Moeller umoeller at sun.com
Thu Feb 4 03:01:45 PST 2010

On 29.01.2010 10:46, Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
> wei ma wrote:
>> Hi everyone
>> I've been reading source code of vboxmanage recently,and i realized
>> the MediumVariant and MediumVariant_T were used repeatedly.
>> but i didn't find the definitions of them.i guess that should be an
>> enum structure.
> All (xp)com idl-related type definitions are in an auto-generated header
> file created by the IDL compiler. The SDK contains these both for COM
> and XPCOM, in sdk/bindings/mscom/include/VirtualBox.h and
> sdk/bindings/xpcom/include/VirtualBox_XPCOM.h respectively.
>> so can anyone tell me how this thing was defined?
> Is this really so hard to find?
> Klaus

For more readable documenation, the XIDL file is also processed to
produce the SDK Reference (SDKRef.pdf). The types are all in chapter 10.
See section 10.22:

10.22 MediumVariant
Virtual medium image variant. More than one flag may be set. See also:
Standard No particular variant requested, results in using the backend
VmdkSplit2G VMDK image split in chunks of less than 2GByte.
VmdkStreamOptimized VMDK streamOptimized image. Special import/export
format which is read-only/append-only.
VmdkESX VMDK format variant used on ESX products.
Fixed Fixed image. Only allowed for base images.
Diff Fixed image. Only allowed for base images.

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