[vbox-dev] Writing extensions for VirtualBox and announcement of a general purpose VM controller project

Rohit Yadav rohityadav89 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 13:59:19 PST 2010

Thanks for your mails.


> For each release, the SDK documentation (
> http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/SDKRef.pdf ) contains a complete
> list of incompatible API changes with information on how to adjust your
> code. Check out chapter 12 of the SDK reference.

Thanks for the information, we'll start fixing.

> The extension pack mechanism is indeed similar to the concept offered by
> Firefox and it's really meant to extend the functionality of VirtualBox. We
> intent do provide sample code on how to develop extension packs in the near
> future. However, I don't think it would be the right approach for you.

Looking forward to some sample code.

>Pau Garcia i Quiles
VMController is supposed to run on major OS; Linux, Mac and Windows; and it
is custom made to suit our needs. Further, by design it is hypervisor
agnostic and so one can even write an interface to libvirt too! The XMLRPC
interfaces are easy to use, for example you just give a VM's name to
startVM() to run it. So, client programmer won't have to think about
managing the internal logic; API specification draft here:
There is a guest package (vmcontroller.guest) which is supposed to be
installed on the guest OS to support functionalities b/w guest and host,
like process execution in guest, file transfer, message passing, making the
guest OS much more transparent and easy to use. Hope that answers your

Best Regards,
Rohit Yadav,
Department of Computer Engineering,
Institute of Technology,
Banaras Hindu University.
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