[vbox-dev] FYI: Boot any Windows from VDI/VMDK/VHD

Huihong Luo huisinro at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 24 09:19:32 PST 2010

We have made Windows/Linux to natively boot from VirtualBox VDI format. Compared to VHD, VDI seems to be fast and more resilent to abrupt power shutdown. We had cases that VHD is no longer bootable after a sudden power outage while VDI is still ok.
A bit more info:
(1) support installing Windows into a virtual disk file from ISO file or physical cdrom in a very straightforward way.

(2) support differencing disk files and snapshots.

(3) support one click snapshot and recovery

(4) support booting Windows PE based ISOs

(5) support immutable boot sessions where all system changes will be discarded after reboot

(6) support converting Windows 7 VHD to vbootable disks

A screenshot that shows how easy to take a snapshot and perform a recovery:

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