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Another way to look at this is to use VBox's device emulation code for KVM, replacing current QEMU emulation. Either way, lots of work.

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That sounds like a pointless exercise to me. First of all VirtualBox isn't some QEmu extension like KVM
and the entire code is very tightly integrated.  It's not possible without rewriting 75% of the hypervisor.
Be my guest, but I don't know how many man years you've allocated for this task. :-)
I also fail to see what you want to accomplish with that.

(MM)IO is handled in the instruction emulator, which calls the IOM* functions, which end up calling
the registered device handlers. (src/VBox/VMM for IO handling, src/VBox/Devices for the virtual device code)


On 12/22/2010 8:35 AM, Michael van der Kolff wrote:
> I was thinking of attempting to write a patch to make VirtualBox use
> KVM for its CPU (KVM only implements the CPU, it doesn't implement
> platform - that's someone else's job). So, I read alternately the
> doxygen documentation&  the VBox source code (kvm-all.c from qemu
> shows how to handle all of the stuff that KVM can chuck back - simple
> once one sees how...).  Anyway, I was looking to join the bits that do
> MMIO&  IO, and the doxygen documentation&  names, categorisation,
> etc... would seem to imply that IOMMMIO{Read/Write} are responsible
> for that - except it would seem that they aren't called anywhere right
> now.
> How exactly is MMIO handled in VirtualBox right now?
> Cheers,
> Michael
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