[vbox-dev] v4.0.0_BETA4 - IVRDEServer - VideoChannel & VideoChannelQuality

Joseph Smith joseph1962smith at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 18 04:16:32 PST 2010


In Beta4 release, it seems the VideoChannel & VideoChannelQuality elements have 
been removed from the IVRDEServer object.

The HTML & PDF SDK documentation shows they still present but they are 
definitely not in the VirtualBox.xidl file.

A diff between Beta3 and Beta4 for that section shows the following:

diff lib/4.0.0_BETA3/VirtualBox.xidl lib/4.0.0_BETA4/VirtualBox.xidl
<     uuid="b5bd49dc-26ef-42b4-ae7a-0c4b734a7653"
>     uuid="be24e0db-e1d6-4d58-b85b-21053d1511b4"
<     <attribute name="videoChannel" type="boolean">
<       <desc>
<         Flag whether video redirectiron channel is enabled.
<       </desc>
<     </attribute>
<     <attribute name="videoChannelQuality" type="unsigned long">
<       <desc>
<         Image quality in percents.
<       </desc>
<     </attribute>

Maybe the documentation has not been updated to match ?


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