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Hello Virtualbox developers,

I came across the below in MeeGo wiki The problem of running MeeGo netbook UX inside VirtualBox with GL acceleration has been root caused. Please refer to http://vbox.innotek.de/pipermail/vbox-dev/2010-August/003198.html for detailed information.
 I have fixed the above problem by applying the same technique used for Xephyr,
 that is, using an off-screen to render the OpenGL and reading the 
window contents back when necessary. The performance is acceptable for 
development work, while not fast enough to run OpenGL games.
 I have started talking with VirtualBox 3D acceleration developer Leonid Lobachev on this issue.

I want to use MeeGo with 3D acceleration on virtualbox. 
When is it planned to support it in Virtual Box

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