[vbox-dev] v4.0.0_BETA2 - IVRDEServer

Joseph Smith joseph1962smith at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 12 10:27:04 PST 2010


IVRDEServer appears to be missing an important element: 'Ports'.

In 3.2.x, the ports field stored the port(s) that were to be used for RDP 
connections.  A single value or a range could be provided.

The 4.0 BETA2 UI does seem read-in the values that existed prior to the upgrade 
to 4.0 and can also update/add new values too.

The documentation and API however does not have this field.  How will a port (or 
range of ports) be specified for RDP connections for a VM?

The v4.0 IVRDEServer API adds two new methods to the IVRDEServer class (set/get 
VRDEProperty) that were not present in 3.2.x.  It seems these methods allow 
get/set of key and value pairs.

Are these two new methods the way in which port information will be get/set?  Is 
there a list of valid properties that can/should be used?

I looked through the SDK documentation but did not find anything on this.


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