[vbox-dev] detailed paths from vm i/o to host?

Achim Hasenmüller achim.hasenmueller at oracle.com
Thu Dec 9 07:52:58 PST 2010

On Dec 9, 2010, at 16:08 , Huihong Luo wrote:

> As I understand, ESX-i has all emulations done inside the hypervisor layer, I was wondering if that migh be one of the reason that it's faster, and thus my question.
> ESX-i must have lower level device drivers with the hypersior, I guess, as it does i/o inside hypervisor.
> In other words, if someone uses VBox code to do a type I hypervisor, would be the performance close to ESX-i? (I know that would be a big undertaking)

Absolutely, and it goes back to the old type 1 vs type 2 discussion which has tipped heavily in favor of type 2 during the last years. A type 2 like VirtualBox calls APIs of the host OS. Sometimes that might not be the best way to achieve things and in that case one could tailor the host OS to do exactly what is best for the hypervisor. There is absolutely no reason why a VirtualBox based solution could be performance constrained compared to a type 1 solution.

And if you design the OS well, then maybe you don't have to tailor anything?


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