[vbox-dev] VBox 4.0 and IMachine::AttachDevice API

Joseph Smith joseph1962smith at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 7 18:03:48 PST 2010


Two items:

1) IMachine::AttachDevice API
Per the documentation, the IMachine::AttachDevice API now accepts as one of the 
parameters the IMedium object.  In the 3.2.x release, the UUID was used instead 
of the IMedium object.

As the IMedium object already has the DeviceType element, is there a need 
continue to have that as part of the AttachDevice signature?

Just wondering ...

2) The IEvent enhancements
I am using webservice APIs.  From the documentation, the IEvent enhancements for 
4.0 appear to provide an excellent way to allow passive interfaces to be aware 
of changes using IEventSource::RegisterListener.

>From the documentation, we are told that the passive listener would periodically 
call IEventSource::GetEvent to determine if there is a pending event 
notification that must be consumed.  It then seems once the client has completed 
processing the event, the IEventSource::EventProcessed function will be called 

The documentation states IEventListener::HandleEvent could be called in passive 
mode.  The documentation however is unclear on what IEventListner::handleEvent 
does in passive mode.

Is this call required even in passive mode?
Does making this call eventually cause IEvent::SetProcessed  function to be 
Are there limitations to how quickly the IEventSource::GetEvent function can be 

I am essentially trying to determine if it might be possible to mistakenly 
receive the same notification more than once ... I am assuming not ... but 
trying to be sure to determine if I need to code for this scenario.

Thanks for any feedback you can offer.


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