[vbox-dev] 4.0 release cycle

Michal Šebeň mseben at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 02:12:52 PST 2010

2010/12/7 Achim Hasenmüller <achim.hasenmueller at oracle.com>:
> Geoff,
> 4.0 is a major release with improvements everywhere. I don't think it brings
> fewer changes than 3.2, in terms of LOCs changed it might be even bigger. We
> have made significant improvements to the API (all based on feedback from
> developers) and the hypervisor. It's true that we've put more focus on GUI
> and usability this time, mainly because we've neglected that area for too
> long while were were busy with other things. With 3.2, we went into
> production with very large and very multithreaded systems (thousands of VMs
> on very big machines) and this revealed several very hard to find race
> conditions. As part of that, we have introduced a lock validator (amazing
> technology in itself) so these issues are covered now.
> BTW, this extension pack architecture in 4.0 is quite amazing, that was a
> major effort and it actually means a fundamental change of architecture. No
> more OSE vs PUEL just VirtualBox (100% OSS) + optional PUEL extension pack
> and possibly more 3rd party extension packs.

does it also means that e.g. all builded rpms in
http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.0.0_BETA1/ are pure OSS  ?

I asked because license is still marked as PUEL
rpm -qp --qf="%{LICENSE}\n"
VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL)


> We are hoping for active beta participation so that we can incorporate a lot
> of feedback and do a good 4.0 release. Of course, 3.2 will remain in active
> maintenance for quite a while.
> Achim
> On Dec 7, 2010, at 00:55 , Geoff Nordli wrote:
> I am trying to make a decision is we should start porting our app over to
> 4.0 from the 3.2 series
> 3.2 debuted June 2009, and we are looking at an 18 month dev cycle to a
> production grade release.  It seems there was a lot of core functionality
> delivered during the 3.2 series, which takes a lot longer to bake.
> When I look at the feature set on 4.0, I don’t see the same level core
> changes.  It seems to be more focused on fixing some of the usability issues
> (like media management).  I would expect this version to stabilize a lot
> sooner than the 3.2 series.
> Do you agree?
> Thanks,
> Geoff
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