[vbox-dev] Accessing guest memory from the vBox host

Glenn Tremblay gat at marathontechnologies.com
Thu Aug 19 19:26:41 GMT 2010

Sander - thank you for the prompt response. My follow up is below.


> Two options:

> 1) create a virtual device that reads and writes from/to guest memory;

> you can map guest memory into host memory, but that is generally


Our plans are to run a single guest per vbox instance - so guest
security is not as much of an issue.

I'd like to know what calls I would need to map (and nmap) a guest
[physical?] address into host address space?


> 2) create a virtual device that maps an associated MMIO range into

> memory (our VGA device does that)


So the associated MMIO memory would be allocated by the host and
associated with the PCI device I create? And the guest would have to
copy its I/O buffer data to/from this region? With this approach there
is a lot of copy overhead. Due to our isolated environment I'd prefer to
temporarily map each guest I/O buffer (which is in our own proprietary
format) so the host can access it for the duration of the I/O operation.
Is this feasible? How expensive are the mapping/unmapping operations?


Thank you,



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