[vbox-dev] Guest property limit?

Klaus Espenlaub klaus.espenlaub at oracle.com
Tue Aug 17 11:02:17 GMT 2010

On 17.08.2010 07:30, Huihong Luo wrote:
> It seems there is a limit for the amount of guest properties can be
> stored inside the xml file. Is this true? if so, what is the limit?
> We store the shortcuts inside the vm as guest properties, and sometimes
> gettting errors saying over limit.

There is no explicit limit in our API AFAICT, however there is a generic 
limit how big the maximum HGCM request can be, which is the mechanism 
used to exchange guest property information between the guest and host. 
Can't find the exact value for that right now, but it's in the order of 
a MByte to prevent DoS attacks.


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