[vbox-dev] drag-n-drop is being implemented too

Huihong Luo huisinro at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 13 18:23:17 GMT 2010

dnd is not stable yet, and it's only for windows guests/hosts at the moment.
the seamless taskbar for windows guests/hosts will be availble in our new vmlite version, to be released within next couple of days, and you can take a quite look then. It still has some issues.
We need to separate the code more before submiting, right now it's too tightly binded to our own code, i.e., not modulized

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From: Alexey Eremenko <al4321 at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [vbox-dev] drag-n-drop is being implemented too
To: vbox-dev at virtualbox.org
Date: Friday, August 13, 2010, 10:08 AM

Dear Huihong Luo,

If the Drag-n-drop is in 'workable' state, then please commit it to
VBox OSE tree, so we have VBox 3.3 with this new great feature.

-Alexey Eromenko "Technologov"

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