[vbox-dev] A Chromium bug in state_client.c

Leonid leonid.lobachev at sun.com
Mon Aug 9 14:09:42 GMT 2010

Hi Haitao,

> Hi,
> Recently I have found a bug in
> src/VBox/GuestHost/OpenGL/state_tracker/state_client.c. 
> When there are GL client states changing, the dirty bit is fogetten to be set.
> This means those GL state could not be changed back in the future. I found this
> bug when I am enabling VirtualBox to run MeeGo Netbook UX which is a mutter
> plugin.
> The code patch is attached. I have read your "How to contribute" page and want
> to license this patch under MIT.
> Thanks
> -Haitao
> Attachment (state_client.c.patch): text/x-diff, 6070 bytes

Thanks for a finding. Your patch is partially in the tree now, with the
exception of lines like "FILLDIRTY(cb->clientPointer);" as those shouldn't be
needed under "if (CHECKDIRTY(cb->enableClientState, bitID))".
Please let me know if you could test it in your setup. If those lines are
required to workaround the issue, then they're hiding a bug in some other place.

Thanks, Leonid.

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