[vbox-dev] Bug report (major)

TwoThe twothe at web.de
Fri Apr 30 21:59:24 GMT 2010

Type: Bug
Severity: major
Component: VirtualBox OSE
Host: Ubuntu 64

In file src/VBox/Devices/PC/DevAPIC.cpp:

   919        case 0x30:
   920            /* Here one of the differences with regular APIC: ICR is single 64-bit register */
   !921           val = ((uint64_t)apic->icr[0x31] << 32) | apic->icr[0x30];
   922            break;

In line 921 APICState->icr is accessed at address 0x31 and 0x30 but icr has only 2 elements, as defined here (in the same file):
   219    uint32_t icr[2];

This causes an invalid memory access.

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