[vbox-dev] Bug report (minor)

TwoThe twothe at web.de
Fri Apr 30 21:43:43 GMT 2010

Type: Bug
Severity: minor
Component: VirtualBox OSE
Host: Ubuntu 64

Several printf statements use wrong type for output.

> PyErr_Format(PyExc_ValueError, "A buffer object to be converted to an IID must be exactly %d bytes long", sizeof(nsIID));
src/libs/xpcom18a4/python/src/PyIID.cpp:65 - using %d for value of size_t, should be %u.

> PyErr_Format(PyExc_ValueError, "The type descriptions indicate %d args are needed, but %d were provided",
> 			total_params_needed, PySequence_Length(m_pyparams));
src/libs/xpcom18a4/python/src/VariantUtils.cpp:1112 - second argument (PySequence_Length) using %d for value of size_t, should be %u.

> printf("sizeof(nsCOMPtr<IFoo>) --> %d\n", sizeof(nsCOMPtr<IFoo>));
src/libs/xpcom18a4/xpcom/tests/TestCOMPtr.cpp:419 - using %d for value of size_t, should be %u.

> printf("Filling hash with %d entries.\n", ENTITY_COUNT);
src/libs/xpcom18a4/xpcom/tests/TestHashtables.cpp:456 - using %d for value of size_t (ENTITY_COUNT), should be %u.

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