[vbox-dev] Developing Guest Additions for MINIX

Andrew Huffman andrewhuffman at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 20:03:54 GMT 2010

I posted the following question on the VirtualBox forum and I was told I
should ask it here. Any help would be great.

Original post below:
I'm a grad student studying computer science and we've been assigned by our
professor to develop guest additions for MINIX. The professor stated this
project would be "exploratory" and may not actually be completable. My
partner and I have been looking everywhere for guidance for developing guest
additions but it just doesn't seem to exist. Are there *any* resources which
can aid in developing guest additions on VirtualBox? Is it even possible?

We've been looking through the source files here:

However, it isn't the easiest to read these source files and really
understand what's going. If anyone could maybe give us some guidance on how
to possibly go about this that'd be great. Does anyone have experience in
developing onto VirtualBox? If so, how'd you go about it?

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