[vbox-dev] Windows build instructions

Huihong Luo huisinro at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 21 22:42:54 GMT 2010

we do daily build on Windows 32- and 64- bit hosts. The following two are the requirements, won't build otherwise.
(1) Visual Studio 2005 (VS 2008 does NOT work, lots of compiling errors)
(2) C:\WinDDK\3790.1830
if you do 64-bit build, it's very involving, you need to have a gcc cross compile tool chain to build a component.
As for drag and drop support, I spent some time too, it's a very difficult job, just be prepared. The current vbox COM model is incompatible with Windows DnD requirement, which requires single apartment threading, so you will have to do it inside a dedicated thread, and then there are other obstacles to deal with.
If you want to drag and drop files, since the vbox shared folders driver (for windows guest) is not open sourced, you won't be able to do it.

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Hello, VirtualBox Team

I am looking forward to devote some of my free time to develop host/guest drag&drop support for VirtualBox. I have tried this once few years ago, but didn't find enough time then due to some significant changes in my life. Since than I have improved my C++ skills and now my life is more stable. So I would like to try again.

I have read Windows build instructions only to find out that my development environment is heavily different from the one required. I am using Windows 7 64-bit, Visual Studio 2008, Windows SDK 2008 and WDK (DDK is not available for download anymore). Is there any chance that I will be able to build VirtualBox with these tools? I have noticed that requirements haven't changed much since I have seen them last time (over 2 years ago). Does that mean that windows builds are not maintained anymore? Or maybe it's just the outdated page?

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