[vbox-dev] [PATCH] VDE native support for VirtualBox v0.1

Renzo Davoli renzo at cs.unibo.it
Wed Apr 21 20:31:24 GMT 2010

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 03:48:34PM -0400, Alexey Eremenko wrote:
> Hi All !
> It is very good to have this technology integrated ! Thanks Renzo !
> so I decided to give it a shot, .. I gave it a test run, and happy about it !
Thank you!
> Overall outlook:
> 1. This works !!! I have 2 VMs speaking with each other over 1 VDE switch.
I hoped so.... ;-)
> 2. VirtualBox built script integration
> At first VDE doesn't seem to compile (at least configuration script
> doesn't display it)
> However, the output of "./configure --disable-hardening" never mentions VDE.
> I would like to see that it looks for VDE, and which version of VDE
> found on host, if any.
This is in some sense a choice. VDE support can be compiled also on machines
where VDE is not currently installed.
In other words VirtualBOX has not a dependency on VDE.
> 3. "FlexiNetwork" feature of VirtualBox does not work with VDE... i.e.
> I cannot hot-plug/hot-unplug NICs from/to VDE switches...
> After Hot-unplagged my VM from VDE switch "vde1", the switch still
> shows it as active.
As soon as I have a spare minute, I'll try to understand what is going on.
Thank you for this report.
> 4. About VDE itself: [feature-request] to improve it's command shell
> Very nice technology -but-
> *please* make the shell remember last commands... so pressing the "up"
> arrow will give me previous command, like in Linux's GNU "bash".
> It will make my life _a lot_ easier. Probably I should report it to
> VDE bugzilla...
We have not added the readline support on the switch to keep the code
of the switch itself simpler (and faster).
However, you can define a management socket (this is very nice if you run 
your vde switch as a daemon) e.g.:
	vde_switch -M /path/of/the/mgmt/socket -daemon 
then you can use:
	vdeterm /path/of/the/mgmt/socket
you'll have full command editing including history scan by arrows up and
down and command complention.
There is also a web/telnet management interface for the switch named
vdetelweb. vdetelweb is connected to the management socket and as a
client (usually to port 0).
using the telnet interface you can configure your switch from the virtual
network itself. telnet has command editing, too.
vdetelweb supports both ipv4 and ipv6.


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