[vbox-dev] Modifying CSAM/PATM

Nikolay Igotti Nikolay.Igotti at Sun.COM
Mon Apr 19 06:39:04 GMT 2010


Another viable option is use smth like PTLSIM (http://www.ptlsim.org/) 
which could be more suitable for your particular task (although 
performance may suffer).


Sander van Leeuwen пишет:
> Martim,
> The software virtualization code scanner was not designed to catch all 
> occurrences of certain instructions, but
> rather as a helper for static scanning upfront and dynamic scanning 
> after hitting certain faulting instructions.
> You can modify CSAM to inject int 3 patches (0xcc instructions) for 
> all call and ret instructions it encounters.
> When you hit such an int3 patch, then you can do whatever it is you 
> wish and invoke the scanner for a target address
> you haven't encountered before. It shouldn't be very hard to adjust 
> the code to do just that and to emulate all ret and
> call variants.
> The only tricky thing is dealing with self-modifying code. We already 
> invalidate patches when unsupported modifications occur, but
> you'll have to take this into account for further scanning too.
> Sander
> On 15-4-2010 23:21, Martim Carbone wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Thank you for your replies to my previous question "VBox CSAM/PATM in 
>> VMX mode".
>> I think I should probably make my intentions clearer. My ultimate goal
>> is to be able to intercept, from inside the hypervisor, all
>> kernel-level executions of CALL and RET instructions performed by a
>> guest OS. I understand the performance implications of this.
>> Considering the role that CSAM/PATM already play, it seemed natural to
>> me that these could be extended so that kernel CALL and RET
>> instructions could be dynamically "patched" (as already done with
>> sensitive operations) with code which would trap to the hypervisor
>> upon execution. If CSAM/PATM are not used in VMX mode, I can live
>> without VMX. The question really is to what extent would CSAM/PATM
>> need to be modified to implement this kind of CALL/RET tracing.
>> I'm not expecting a step-by-step guide, of course; rather an estimate
>> from more experienced Vbox developers (as I'm not myself very
>> experienced) as to what amount of effort would be involved in this
>> addition and any possible pitfalls that I should watch out for when
>> modifying the code.
>> Thanks again,
>> -- Martim
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