[vbox-dev] Issues in starting a VM

Nikolay Igotti Nikolay.Igotti at Sun.COM
Fri Apr 16 11:58:28 GMT 2010

  Hi Balachandar,

To start VM of different type - use different session type, such as 
"headless" for VM w/o rendering at all, or "vrdp" for rendering using 
RDP server (one need to use RDP client, such as rdesktop to connect to 
such a VM).


AMARNATH, Balachandar wrote:
> Hi
> Pls ignore my previous mail :(
> I have code as follows to start a virtual machine
> uuid = machine.getId();
> sessionType = "gui";
> env = "DISPLAY=:0.0";
> progress =
> vbox.openRemoteSession(session,
> uuid,
> sessionType,
> env);
> log.info("Session for VM " + uuid + " is opening...");
> progress.waitForCompletion(10000);
> long rc = progress.getResultCode();
> Bu tthis code snippet starts a virtual machine with gui. I don’t want 
> gui in my client machine. How do I modify the code ? In first place, 
> is it right to modify the code or do I need to do something with my 
> virtual box Installation ?
> Regards
> Bala
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