[vbox-dev] createHardDisk problem

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 7 10:15:56 GMT 2010

DavidW wrote:
> We are trying to connect to an iscsi target which has a LUN associated 
> with it.  Using The vboxmanage addiscsidisk there is a switch to pass 
> the LUN parameter.  When we use that command we are able to successfully 
> attach to the iscsi target device. 
> When using the imedium createHardDisk it doesn't seem to work.   I have 
> tried passing this parameter 
> llift-zfs1|iqn.1986-03.com.sun:02:bc9a3c11-50e1-6a86-d0ff-ca04361bb836|3, 
> and the disk shows up in the virtual machine manager, but it isn't able to 
> access it

You're code apparently doesn't do the right thing for configuring an 
iSCSI medium. The "location" parameter is purely informational for 
iSCSI, it is what will be shown in the Virtual Media Manager and other 
places. The real configuration is done through the "setProperties" 
method. See VBoxManageDisk.cpp, function handleAddiSCSIDisk if you need 
sample code. Squeezing complicated configuration mechanisms into a 
simple string would have been a hack. iSCSI has quite a number of config 
parameters, and this way we can add more without having to change the 
API all the time. File-based images don't need such complex mechanisms.


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