[vbox-dev] VNC server patch

Ivo Smits Ivo at UFO-Net.nl
Fri Apr 2 23:26:52 GMT 2010

Thanks! The VNC server works fine for me, even in text mode. Perhaps the 
text mode VM has blanked the screen? ;-)

The attached patch adds support for absolute mouse pointer updates and 
some code to free the VNC framebuffer object.

It appears that, while properly shutting down the virtual machine 
(either via savestate or ACPI), the call to session->Close() in 
VBoxHeadless.cpp causes a segmentation fault. This does not seem to 
affect the operation though. This problem exists even with the VNC 
extension disabled, so I suppose it is not related to the VNC code.


Op 2-4-2010 19:28, Knut St. Osmundsen schreef:
> Ivo Smits wrote:
>> Never mind, I have not checked whether it actually compiled the VNC
>> code. Turns out that it did not. I will try to get it fixed and then get
>> back to you.
> I've fixed the merge errors as well as logging and malloc errors in the
> original patch file.  The code builds now (r27963).  Not sure if it
> actually works or not, though, as my text mode test VM gave me a blank
> VNC screen.  I leave this for you to figure out... :-)
>> By the way, what's the correct way to set the VBOX_WITH_VNC define?
> Add it to the LocalConfig.kmk file in the root of the source tree (where
> you find the huge Config.kmk file):
>     echo VBOX_WITH_VNC=1>>  LocalConfig.kmk
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