[vbox-dev] Seamless windows using COM

Christian Pötzsch Christian.Poetzsch at Sun.COM
Tue Sep 22 04:23:41 PDT 2009


the display of the VM window is fully done in the client application.
This means you didn't get any help from the COM api beside the current
visible region. You have to implement the IFramebuffer object yourself.
See VBoxFrameBuffer.cpp in the VirtualBox sources of our Qt GUI. There
is a method called "SetVisibleRegion". When this method is called you
can do whatever you want with that info.


Pau Garcia i Quiles wrote:
> Hello,
> We are considering using embedding VirtualBox virtualization in an
> application (we'd buy an OEM license because we want need the
> commercial version). We would be calling the VBox virtualization
> engine using the glue COM API. So far it looks very good but I have a
> doubt regarding seamless windows.
> I have read the SDK reference documentation but I cannot find any
> mention of how to use seamless windows from the API (using MSCOM,
> XPCOM or the glue COM). Is it possible at all? Or should I just use
> rdesktop-vrdp? If the latter, what are the parameters I should use
> (I've tried "rdesktop -A host" to the VirtualBox host machine but it
> shows the full desktop) ?
> Thank you.

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