[vbox-dev] [patch] FreeBSD: fix getHostMemoryUsage

Bernhard Froehlich decke at bluelife.at
Mon Sep 21 01:05:44 PDT 2009

On Fri, September 18, 2009 9:29 pm, Alexander Eichner wrote:
> Hi Bernhard,
> thanks for the patch but I don't think it will fix the error because it
> is not used for a VM. The error message (looking at

Yes, you are right but i've created that patch because the output of
"VBoxmanage list hostinfo" looked ambiguous and just hoped that this could
also help the reported problem.

> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-emulation/2009-September/006878.html)
> indicates some problem in the kernel part of VBox. Maybe the affected
> users can build a debug version and post the kernel log? Maybe this will
> help to isolate the problem.

I will tell him to (CC'd) but it could also be related to ZFS.

> Btw. it is possible that you encounter bugs with certain revisions which
> are fixed already. The public svn repository contains the code leading
> to the next major version and is under heavy development. So it is
> possible that you encounter bugs or even have a revision which doesn't
> work at all. We have no repository of a stable branch.

We are aware of it and have decided to update our testing port every few
days to spot problems early and forward all patches upstream so we don't
differ too much from upstream code. That works very well so far.

Once there is a stable vbox release for FreeBSD we should probably think
about creating a second virtualbox port for stable releases. But i haven't
checked if 3.0.6 is already such a release for us and includes all the
FreeBSD bits and pieces that are in trunk at the moment.


Bernhard Fröhlich

> Kind regards,
> Alexander Eichner
> Am Donnerstag, den 17.09.2009, 21:05 +0200 schrieb Bernhard Froehlich:
>> A few users had problems starting VMs on FreeBSD because the available
>> memory
>> seems to be calculated wrong. Available memory on FreeBSD means Free +
>> Inactive +
>> Cached if i'm not totally wrong.
>> This patch is under the MIT License.
>> http://home.bluelife.at/ports/virtualbox/vbox-freebsd-fix-getHostMemoryUsage.patch

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