[vbox-dev] Best way to move a vm to another pc?

Thomas Trepper thomas.trepper at microbyte.at
Sun Sep 20 03:25:03 PDT 2009

Hi Sebastian,

there is a small commandline-utility for creating soft-links in windows, 
it is called junction. You can view/download it here:


Hopefully this helps you.

Best regards,


S. Brandt schrieb:
> walt schrieb:
>> On 09/19/2009 05:00 PM, Huihong Luo wrote:
>>> Thanks, walt.
>>> Yes, that will work, provided the drive letter and directory hierarchy
>>> keep exactly same on different PCs, because absolute paths are used in
>>> those xml files...
>> Hm, yes, I see that you're right.  I never noticed that before.
>> I'm guessing (I'm not one of the devs) that this may have to do with
>> security, but that's only a guess.  Maybe one of the devs would tell
>> us why absolute paths are used?
> Hi!
> The soft link solution, of course, does not work at all on windows ...
> There is a similar situation, apart from "moving" the vms around.
> In our students pool, we need a single vm to be usable by all persons
> who log into a certain XP machine (one at a time, of course, it's XP).
> In this case, for running 32bit software on 64bit XP.
> Yet, we have not found a way to use the same machine by different logged
> in users, either.
> * the main settings are in the user's profile\virtualbox.xml
> * you cannot register a vm with a saved state for another user
> * you can re-use the same disk for another vm, of course, but saved
> states and snapshots get lost; you create "branches", thus running into
> invalid situations (hopefully, they are detected correctly).
> It might be possible with a primary read-only disk which never gets
> changed; but then, every user has to install all windows patches etc.
> her/himself.
> The only solution:
> Use one user for all ...
> Anyone an idea in this context?
> The best solution, for both cases, might be to make the location of the
> virtualbox.xml main registry file configurable, and make it use relativ
> paths whereever possible.
> For the moving case - you can of course patch the virtualbox.xml by hand ...
> Yours,
> Sebastian
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