[vbox-dev] GuestAddtions OSE: VBoxService.exe does not start

Sebastian Brandt sbrandt at gmx.de
Fri Sep 18 07:56:48 PDT 2009

Andreas - Sun Microsystems wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,
> I just took a quick look into your .nsi sources over at
> http://code.google.com/p/virtual-box-windows-guest-additions-installer
> AFAICS you're using the information of our VBoxGuest.inf file to install
> VBoxService, while our PUEL GA setup does not use this information atm.
> Try to change the VBoxService registry keys to the following:
> Service Type ("Type", DWORD): 0x10 (SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS), decimal
> = 16
> Start Type ("Start", DWORD): 0x2 (SERVICE_AUTO_START)
> Load Order Group ("Group", SZ): "Base"
> (instead of using the parameters supplied in the VBoxGuest.inf file).
Hi, Andreas,

Yes, we need to use the .inf file because the PUEL installation uses a
supplied control (vbcoinst.dll).
But, your values are exactly the values as I find/put in(to) the VBoxGuest.inf:

AddService = VBoxService, 0x00000000, VBoxService_ServiceInstallSection

DisplayName    = %VBoxService_svcdesc%
ServiceType    = 0x00000010 ; SERVICE_WIN32_OWN_PROCESS
StartType      = 0x00000002 ; automatic start SERVICE_AUTO_START
ErrorControl   = 0x00000001 ; normal error handling
ServiceBinary  = %11%\VBoxService.exe
LoadOrderGroup = Base


Maybe I should split the .inf file into the "device driver" installation
(vboxguest.sys) and the service installation (vboxservice.inf)?


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