[vbox-dev] GuestAddtions OSE: VBoxService.exe does not start

Sebastian Brandt sbrandt at gmx.de
Thu Sep 17 05:14:27 PDT 2009

Andreas - Sun Microsystems wrote:
> Sebastian,

> I tried out VBoxService using OSE sources and took a look into your log
> file as well -- it all works like it should on my system.
> Maybe you're misunderstanding the way VBoxService gets started/operates?
> If you just call (on Windows: doubleclick or over command line)
> VBoxService.exe the service control dispatcher gets involved which then
> leads to the described error you reported. This is not actually an error
> but has to be implemented like this to get VBoxService handled correctly
> with the Windows SCM.
I'm installing it as a server and starting it as a service.
Otherwise, I -- correctly -- get an error message.
> To manually call VBoxService you have to call it with the "-f" option
> (foreground), which then does not involve the service control dispatcher
> at all.
This would be the other possibility, putting it into autostart - but then,
the service does not run w/o a user logged in ... and the console window is
always open ..

When I replace the 306-vboxservice.exe with the 224 one, the service starts
w/o any problems. So, if the fact that it is a service has not been changed
between 224 and 30x ...

So, it's somewhere in the driver handling - dependencies? different
installation Flags? the datastructure passed to the service control method
invalid? an init callback method that does not return?


>> Andreas - Sun Microsystems, Inc. wrote:
>>> Hi Sebastian,
>>> thanks for the report. What happens if you start the VBoxService.exe
>>> from command line specifying "VBoxService -f -vvv" after stopping any
>>> running instance of VBoxService first? This makes the service run in
>>> foreground with verbose output.
>> Hi!
>> Yes, that one runs ....
>> Log is attached.
>> * VBox 3.0.4 on XP Pro SP3
>> * VBox GA OSE 3.0.2 on the XP Pro SP3 guest
>> * VBoxService 3.0.6 version (in system32 dir)
>> (a bit mixed up, I'm currently upgrading ...)
>> Problem is, I did not get any log messages when running in service
>> mode and using -vvv ...
>> Development env:
>> * Visual Studio 2005 sp1
>> * Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2
>> * DDK 3790.1830
>> * DirectX SDK 2008-08
>> Thanks,
>> Sebastian
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