[vbox-dev] GuestAddtions OSE: VBoxService.exe does not start

Andreas - Sun Microsystems pentagonik at sun.com
Tue Sep 15 04:40:59 PDT 2009


I tried out VBoxService using OSE sources and took a look into your log 
file as well -- it all works like it should on my system.

Maybe you're misunderstanding the way VBoxService gets started/operates?
If you just call (on Windows: doubleclick or over command line) 
VBoxService.exe the service control dispatcher gets involved which then 
leads to the described error you reported. This is not actually an error 
but has to be implemented like this to get VBoxService handled correctly 
with the Windows SCM.

To manually call VBoxService you have to call it with the "-f" option 
(foreground), which then does not involve the service control dispatcher 
at all.

If you still found a bug and/or something is unclear please don't 
hesitate to ask.


> Andreas - Sun Microsystems, Inc. wrote:
>> Hi Sebastian,
>> thanks for the report. What happens if you start the VBoxService.exe
>> from command line specifying "VBoxService -f -vvv" after stopping any
>> running instance of VBoxService first? This makes the service run in
>> foreground with verbose output.
> Hi!
> Yes, that one runs ....
> Log is attached.
> * VBox 3.0.4 on XP Pro SP3
> * VBox GA OSE 3.0.2 on the XP Pro SP3 guest
> * VBoxService 3.0.6 version (in system32 dir)
> (a bit mixed up, I'm currently upgrading ...)
> Problem is, I did not get any log messages when running in service mode and using -vvv ...
> Development env:
> * Visual Studio 2005 sp1
> * Microsoft Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 R2
> * DDK 3790.1830
> * DirectX SDK 2008-08
> Thanks,
> Sebastian
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