[vbox-dev] GuestAddtions OSE: VBoxService.exe does not start

Andreas - Sun Microsystems, Inc. pentagonik at sun.com
Thu Sep 10 02:32:07 PDT 2009

Hi Sebastian,

thanks for the report. What happens if you start the VBoxService.exe 
from command line specifying "VBoxService -f -vvv" after stopping any 
running instance of VBoxService first? This makes the service run in 
foreground with verbose output.


S. Brandt schrieb:
> Hi!
> Since version 3.0.0, I have the problem that the VBoxService.exe
> compiled from the sources (OSE version) does not start.
> All other guest additions tools work w/o problems, but the service does
> not start. I already posted here some time ago, but no help available ...
> (see 06.07.2009, OSE guest additions, VBoxService does not start)
> Debugger tells me, the windows service dispatcher method is called
> StartServiceCtrlDispatcher(&g_aServiceTable[0])
> but never returns, nor is the service started.
> B/c the start method is called, the service is not killed after 30s, either.
> The 2.2.4 VBoxService runs w/o any problems, so does the PUEL 3.0.2/4 one.
> I haven't yet checked the SVN, but - have you changed anything
> significantly in the service initialisiation?
> I have repeated the problem on various different setups - windows host,
> linux host, two different build environments, though it's
> Visual Studio 2005 (build host) and Windows XP Pro (guest) all the times.
> I'm (trying to) maintain the ose ga installer on google code, so, me
> being able to run the current vboxservice might interest some more people ..
> Yours,
> Sebastian
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