[vbox-dev] GuestAddtions OSE: VBoxService.exe does not start

S. Brandt sbrandt at gmx.de
Thu Sep 10 02:00:15 PDT 2009

Since version 3.0.0, I have the problem that the VBoxService.exe
compiled from the sources (OSE version) does not start.
All other guest additions tools work w/o problems, but the service does
not start. I already posted here some time ago, but no help available ...
(see 06.07.2009, OSE guest additions, VBoxService does not start)

Debugger tells me, the windows service dispatcher method is called
but never returns, nor is the service started.
B/c the start method is called, the service is not killed after 30s, either.

The 2.2.4 VBoxService runs w/o any problems, so does the PUEL 3.0.2/4 one.

I haven't yet checked the SVN, but - have you changed anything
significantly in the service initialisiation?

I have repeated the problem on various different setups - windows host,
linux host, two different build environments, though it's
Visual Studio 2005 (build host) and Windows XP Pro (guest) all the times.

I'm (trying to) maintain the ose ga installer on google code, so, me
being able to run the current vboxservice might interest some more people ..


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