[vbox-dev] VirtualBox network patches for FreeBSD (vboxnetflt + vboxnetadp)

Fredrik Lindberg fli at shapeshifter.se
Thu Sep 10 01:33:08 PDT 2009

Thats's great but it looks like you forgot to add
VBoxNetFlt/freebsd/VBoxNetFlt-freebsd.c, it's not
part of the changeset 22875 and I don't see it
in the public svn repository.


Alexander Eichner wrote:
> Hi Fredrik,
> thanks a lot for these patches. You did a great job. Everything works
> without problems here so far. I committed the patches to our repository
> with minor modifications (mostly coding style :) ). It should appear in
> our public svn soon.
> Thanks again.
> Regards,
> Alexander Eichner
> Am Mittwoch, den 09.09.2009, 15:31 +0200 schrieb Fredrik Lindberg:
>> Danny Braniss wrote:
>>> great work!
>>> any chance it will support PXE?
>>> what about throughput, at the moment iperf timet it at 120Mbits/sec
>>> but the host is connected at 1G.
>>> danny
>> It supports PXE. However the OSE version of VirtualBox does only have
>> PXE booting on the PCnet interfaces not the Intel ones.
>> Also, if you're going to boot a FreeBSD kernel you'll need to patch
>> the etherboot code in virtualbox, otherwise it will abort with
>> "Unable to load file".
>> I don't know whether it's FreeBSDs pxeboot or etherboot that is the
>> offender here.
>> See, for more info
>> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-emulation/2007-April/003503.html
>> Throughput is not something I have actively looked at, there might be
>> something that can be optimized regarding mbuf to SG-convertion.
>> One source is most likely due to its dependency on the netgraph
>> system which causes an additional packet detour.
>> It uses netgraph because it's the only reliable way to hook
>> into the input/output path of ethernet interfaces, and
>> that also works properly on FreeBSD 7 and higher.
>> Fredrik
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