[vbox-dev] Enable DrvHostSerial on FreeBSD

Alexander Eichner Alexander.Eichner at Sun.COM
Wed Sep 9 13:12:29 PDT 2009


already committed before I got your mail. But good to know that nothing
special is required to get this working because I couldn't test it
here :)

Alexander Eichner

Am Mittwoch, den 09.09.2009, 21:24 +0200 schrieb Fredrik Lindberg:
> The existing code for the host serial device (DrvHostSerial.cpp)
> works on FreeBSD, it's just disabled by ifdefs.
> Attached is a patch to enable it, MIT license or whatever you want.
> Compile-tested on FreeBSD 7 and 8, runtime tested on FreeBSD 8.
> I've tested it with a cross-over serial cable (null modem) connected
> between two (physical) machines. Used cu and minicom inside guest
> to connect to another cu/minicom-instance running on the second
> machine.
> My testing has been limited to this as I really don't have any other
> fancy serial equipment :)
> Notes to people trying this with the ports version, the patch
> does not apply cleanly and you'll have to modify 
> src/VBox/Devices/Makefile.kmk by hand.
> Fredrik

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