[vbox-dev] Access to vboxdrv

Lubomir Rintel lkundrak at v3.sk
Mon Sep 7 01:40:46 PDT 2009


After RPM that targets Fedora 12 gained support for filesystem
capabilities, we've stripped off the setuid bit from VirtualBox-OSE in
development branch of RPM Fusion (repository that contains packages of
VirtualBox-OSE for Fedora). As it no longer starts with root privileges,
hardening is meaningless so we disabled it.

In order to be possible for ordinary user to run guest machines, I
chmodded it to 666 mode for now. Given I don't really know what does
access to vboxdrv grant to the use I'm not really sure if I didn't just
create a security hole. Could anyone please provide an opinion on this?

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