[vbox-dev] How to really disable HWACC & Raw modes?

Tom Birch froody at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 03:24:59 GMT 2009

BTW my host OS is Mac OS X 10.6, and the host machine is a
Nehalem-based MacPro (i.e. has VT)

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 8:15 PM, Tom Birch <froody at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to get VBox running with as little dependency on the kernel
> as possible, so no hardware acceleration, no raw mode, etc. everything
> just running in QEMU. I'm running VBoxSDL because it supports explicit
> arguments, and it seems to work. Running
> VirtualBox.app/Contents/MacOS/VBoxSDL  --startvm Ubuntu --nohwvirtex
> --norawr3 --norawr0
> will load my Ubuntu VM fairly slowly (definitely slower than if I
> don't specify --nohwvirtex), it gets up to Gnome, and the only calls
> into R0 while it is running are VMMR0_DO_GVMM_SCHED_HALT and
> VMMR0_DO_GVMM_SCHED_WAKE_UP (as shown by instrumenting
> vmmR0EntryExWorker)
> The problem is that VMMR0_DO_CALL_HYPERVISOR is called exactly once,
> right after VMMR0_DO_VMMR0_INIT. This goes through all the switcher
> code code that I'm trying to avoid. I don't understand why it's doing
> this, and it seems to only happen once and have everything else
> actually done up in userland by QEMU, any ideas?
> cheers,
> Tom

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