[vbox-dev] Getting symbols from a backtrace on OS X

Tom Birch froody at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 06:52:23 GMT 2009

I'm making VBox panic in various ways, and the panic backtraces have 3
types of addresses:

* Functions in xnu which can easily by be converted to a symbol in gdb
* Functions in VBoxDrv.kext, which after a bit of work can also be
converted to symbols. Is there a config option to spit out debug
symbols so the kext plays well with gdb's add-kext feature?
* Functions in R0 that are injected into kernel space and linked
dynamically by the VBoxDrv.kext

It's this third type which I'm having trouble with. Has anyone solved
this? Is there some kind of way to map these addresses back to offsets
in the dynamic libs from which the R0 code came?


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