[vbox-dev] Custom front-end using non-OSE SDK

Brad Robinson brobinson at cantabilesoftware.com
Sat Oct 24 23:04:32 GMT 2009



I'm wondering if anyone has successfully built a custom front end using the
SDK for the non-OSE VirtualBox.  I've managed to get something that mostly
works by following the code from the OSE VBoxHeadless, but I'm getting two



* When connecting to the VM via remote desktop the client screen appears
blank (though keyboard input works).


* After powering off or save stating the machine, the log file seems to stay
open giving a sharing violation.  I've double checked my shutdown code and
pretty sure it's right - I've unregistered all callback interfaces, called
Close on ISession and released all interface pointers.


(NB: I'm running the VM directly from my process, not opening a remote



Sorry for double posting the similar question as to the forum - I'm stumped

on this and would really like to get it working.   Is there a better place

to post questions for the non-OSE SDK?







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