[vbox-dev] Compile error on SnowLeopard (openssl version mismatch)

Tom Birch froody at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 17:37:15 GMT 2009

I've been trying to compile trunk on SnowLeopard and I get the errors
below. I believe this is due to the sha code expecting a newer version
of openssl than is in the 10.5 SDK. The problem was introduced in
r23503 (I can build and run r23500 fine, but r23501/2 have other

Is this a known issue? Is it likely to be fixed anytime soon?


/Users/local/vboxtrunk/include/iprt/sha.h:143: error: 'SHA256_CTX'
does not name a type
/Users/local/vboxtrunk/include/iprt/sha.h:222: error: 'SHA512_CTX'
does not name a type
kBuild: Compiling VBoxRT -
error: 'union RTSHA512CONTEXT' has no member named 'Private'

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