[vbox-dev] Chromium WindowDestroy

Leonid Leonid.Lobachev at sun.com
Sat Oct 17 15:00:22 GMT 2009

> * Has anyone hit this particular issue before? If so, what did they do?
> * Does my plan above sound sane? Any suggestions?
> * What's the proper way to set the system context (i.e. really run 
> glxMakeCurrent) without introducing inconsistencies in server state?
> Chris

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reporting the issue.

Unfortunately your 2nd suggestion (to issue glxMakeCurrent(d,null,null)) 
wouldn't work because of desync between real gpu state and tracked state.
And for the first solution, you've already posted a bad case scenario.

Instead, render spu should bind default window to all contexts if its currently 
bound window is being destroyed. I've commited the fix, so it should be in the 
ose soon. Could you please check if your issue is gone and post a followup here.

Regarding your last question, server lib isn't supposed to affect system 
context directly, it should relay on the spu chain dispatch functions.
cr_server.head_spu->dispatch_table.MakeCurrent etc.

Regards, Leonid.

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