[vbox-dev] Excessive disk activity

Lew Wolfgang wolfgang at sweet-haven.com
Tue Oct 13 16:27:30 GMT 2009

Hi Folks,

After upgrading to 3.0.8 r53138 I've noticed regular and excessive
host disk activity.  I'm running openSuSE 11.1 as a host, Win-XP Pro
as the client.  The disk activity starts when the client window is
booting, just at the time when the display window expands to its
final size.  It stops when the client window closes.

The rate is approximately 0.5-Hz with about a 50% duty-cycle.  The
disk heads sound like many long seeks are occurring and it sounds like
a very regular intermittent buzzing.  Very annoying, if not damaging

I've been using the same Win-XP image for many Virtualbox versions,
this is the first versions exhibiting this behavior.  Everything
else seems to work as expected.

Lew Wolfgang

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