[vbox-dev] Wish for the future: XML

Klaus Espenlaub Klaus.Espenlaub at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 13 14:48:43 GMT 2009

Thanks for the background, it's much clearer now.

Jonas Mellin wrote:
> Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
>> Jonas Mellin wrote:
>>> I would appreciate output in XML format from VBoxManage command since I
>>> am on a university and want to automate installation for my students to
>>> reduce their problems. It is, of course, perfectly possible to parse the
>>> output, BUT it would be simpled in XML. For a starter, the information
>>> commands could be added with an XML option. In the second step, it would
>>> be useful to enable packaging of error messages in XML as well.
>> Sorry, but I don't get the novelty of idea apparently - what you
>> describe as "automate installation" sounds like a reinvention of the
>> OVF export/import feature (which is an XML based file format btw.).
>> Which is already supported by VBoxManage.
> I do not want the disk to be part of the appliance, but added as a
> centralized immutable disk from which the student run difference disks.
> Further, the configuration is dependent on the hardware, which may be
> varying. For example, the number of processor available in each target
> may vary. Obviously, it is possible to have one export for each possible
> configuration, but it is difficult to foresee all possibilities. So, the
> import/export was considered as an option, but it did not work out for
> me. If I misunderstood the possibilities of the export/import, then
> please tell me how to do this.

In this kind of situation VBoxManage is certainly the right tool. OVF 
import/export right now is best for transferring a specific 
configuration (including the image). We plan to make the handling of 
disks more flexible, but from your description that might still be too 

>> And for the other bits - VBoxManage is meant for simple configuration
>> and management tasks. As an intermediate level between VBoxManage and
>> fully custom code which uses the VirtualBox API you can use
>> vboxshell.py. If you want to achieve something more complex and/or
>> want to have better control over what's going on, there's the
>> VirtualBox SDK. You can call the (XP)COM API from several languages
>> (C/C++/python), and the webservice (WSDL) API from pretty much any
>> noteworthy language.
> The problem is that I do not know if python is available on the target
> and if they want to install it. The target is mostly Windows XP with
> Ubuntu with RTPREEMPT patched kernel (2.26.....) Of course, I could add
> the necessity to install python, but I want a simple process: "Run this
> program and wait". From my point of view, it is simpler to automate
> using VBoxManage via available script languages than to add automatic
> installation of python in case it is missing. If VBoxManage could output
> information in XML format, it would be simpler to process.

VBoxManage can output information (not all of it, but certainly some 
interesting parts) in a machine readable format. See "VBoxManage 
showvminfo VMNAME --machinereadable".

We don't guarantee that this option will survive in the long run, as 
it's hard to maintain, and makes the code pretty unreadable.

> I looked into the SDK and opted for scripting by using vboxmanage rather
> than developing, for example, a C++ program using the SDK. It was too
> much an effort compared to what I wanted.

Agreed. Your scenario is not about complicated management, you just need 
some scripted updating etc.

>> Don't get me wrong, I'm not against improvements, I'm just having a
>> bit of difficulty to get the full understanding of your ideas out of
>> the 6 lines outline. Note that VirtualBox is open source, so you could
>> prototype/contribute your idea.
> I tried to explain it in more detail above. Essentially, if vboxmanage
> could output information in XML format, it would be easier to write
> scripts in other script languages other than python without providing a
> specific interface to each possible language.

Since I had the pleasue to implement the above --machinereadable option 
some time ago, I don't really agree. Supporting several output formats 
means lots of code duplication. I haven't seen any library which would 
allow to deal with vastly different formats in a fashion which is easy 
to maintain, but I don't claim expert knowledge in this area.

> I might prototype it, since it is not a major change.

Note that libxml2 is already available in the VirtualBox runtime, so you 
don't have to worry much about xml as long as this library suits your needs.



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